1. 2020新全国卷/山东卷


Many people have the hobby of collecting things, e.g. stamps, postcards or antiques. In the 18th and 19th centuries, ___36___ (wealth) people travelled and collected plants, historical objects and works of art. They kept their collection at home until it got too big ___37___ until they died, and then it was given to a museum. The 80,000 objects collected by Sir Hans Sloane, for example, ___38___ (form) the core collection of the British Museum ___39___ opened in 1759.

The parts of a museum open to the public ___40___ (call) galleries or rooms. Often, only a small part of a museum’s collection ___41___ (be) on display. Most of it is stored away or used for research.

Many museums are lively places and they attract a lot of visitors. As well as looking at exhibits, visitors can play with computer simulations (模拟) and imagine ___42___ (they) living at a different time in history or ___43___ (walk) through a rainforest. At the Jorvik Centre in York, the city’s Viking settlement is recreated, and people experience the sights, sounds and smells of the old town. Historical ___44___ (accurate) is important but so is entertainment. Museums must compete ___45___ people’s spare time and money with other amusements. Most museums also welcome school groups and arrange special activities for children.


36. wealthy考查词性转换。句意为:在18世纪和19世纪,有钱人四处旅行,收集植物、历史文物和艺术品。由于是用于名词前作定语,故要用形容词形式的wealthy

37. or考查连词用法。句意为:他们把收集到的藏品放在家里,直到藏品多得放不下,或是自己去世了,便会捐给博物馆。句中的两个until从句表示两种可能性,根据句意,只能选其一,故填or

38. formed考查时态用法。句意为:比如,汉斯•斯隆爵士所收集的8万件藏品成了大英博物馆的核心馆藏,这座博物馆于1759年对外开放。根据句子结构和空格后的opened可知,空格处应填用作主语的关系代词thatwhich。根据前后语境可知,此处讲述的是过去发生的事,故用一般过去时,即formed

39. which/that考查定语从句。根据句子结构和空格后的opened可知,空格处应填用作主语的关系代词thatwhich。句意参见上一题的翻译。

40. are called考查动词的时态和语态及主谓一致。句意为:博物馆对公众开放的部分被称为画廊或展厅。填空处为句子的谓语部分,由于用作主语的parts为可数名词复数,与call之间为被动关系,故要用被动语态;同时因为本句陈述的是客观事实,故用一般现在时。即填are called

41. is考查时态和主谓一致。句意为:通常,博物馆只展出一小部分的藏品。大部分藏品都被储存起来或用于研究。填空处为句子谓语,本句内容是陈述是客观事实,故用一般现在时;另外,a part of…作主语时,其谓语动词的数通常取决于of后的名词的数,此处的collection为单数,故谓语动词也用单数形式,即填is

42. themselves考查代词用法。句意为:除了看展品,游客还可以玩电脑模拟游戏,想象自己生活在不同的时代,或者穿过雨林。此处考查imagine sb. doing sth. 的用法,由于所填的宾语与主语visitors指同一对象,故要填反身代词themselves

43. walking考查非谓语动词的用法。此处所填之词是通过并列连词or与前面的living…连接的结构,即两个并列的动名词用作动词imagine的宾语,故填walking

44. accuracy考查词性转换。句意为:历史的准确性固然重要,但娱乐性也一样重要。由于是用作句子主语,故应将其改为名词,即填accuracy

45. for考查介词。句意为:博物馆必须为获得人们的业余时间和金钱与其他娱乐活动竞争。此处考查compete with… for…(为获得……与……竞争),答案填for


2. 2020新全国卷/海南卷


These days, it is not unusual for 10- to 12-year-olds to publish their own websites or for second and third graders ___56___ (begin) computer classes. At the same time, computer games are becoming increasingly popular as major publishing houses continue to develop ___57___ (education) computer programs for children in preschool. Also, technological know-how has become a ___58___ (require) for most jobs in an increasingly digital world, as the computer has become a common tool in most ___59___ (profession).

The Digital World is a set of volumes ___60___ aim to describe how digital systems influence society and help readers understand the nature of digital systems and their many interacting parts. Each volume in the set explores ___61___ wide range of material, explains the basic concepts of major applications of digital systems, ___62___ discusses the influences they have on everyday life. Because the number of possible topics ___63___ (be) practically limitless, we focus on a sample of the most interesting and useful applications and tools and explain the basic principles of technology. Readers ___64___ (encourage) to continue exploring the digital world with the guidance of ___65___ (we) Further Resources section featured in each volume.


56. to begin。考查非谓语动词。句意为:孩子发布自己的网站,或者让二,三年级学生上计算机课已经很普遍了。It是形式主语,设空处在句中作真正主语,应用不定式,构成it is adj. for sb to do sth… 结构,意为对某人来说做某事是......”。故填to begin

57. educational。考查词性转换。句意为:同时,随着主流出版社继续为学龄前儿童开发了教育性计算机程序,计算机游戏正变得越来越流行。computer programs是名词词组,前面应用形容词修饰。所以名词要改为形容词。

58. requirement。句意为:在日益数字化的世界中,技术知识已成为大多数工作的要求。考查词性转换。设空处前面有不定冠词a修饰,做动词become的宾语,动词应该转换为名词。

59. professions。考查名词的单复数。句意为:因为计算机已成为大多数行业中的通用工具。设空处前有most修饰,所以应填名词复数形式。

60. that/which。考查考查定语从句。句意为:《数字世界》是一组旨在描述数字系统如何影响社会并帮助读者理解数字系统及其许多相互作用部分的性质的书集。分析句子成分可知,设空处引导定语从句,修饰先行词a set of volumes,且在从句中充当主语,故填whichthat

61. a。考查固定搭配。句意为:套装中的每本书材料丰富,解释了数字系统主要应用的基本概念,并讨论了它们对日常生活的影响。a wide range of......“包含广泛的......”,故填a

62. and。考查连词用法。句意见上一句解析。设空处连接两个谓语动词,表示并列关系,故填and

63. is。考查时态和主谓一致。句意为:由于实际上可能存在的话题数量是无限的,所以我们只关注最有趣和最有用的应用程序和工具的示例,并解释技术的基本原理。主语为复数topics,但是当the number of修饰复数名词时,谓语应用单数形式,故填is

64. are encouraged。考查被动语态。句意为:鼓励读者在每一卷内容更多资源部分的指导下继续探索数字世界。根据句意可知,主语readers是被鼓励的对象,所以应该用被动语态,又由于是复数形式,所以应用are构成被动,故填are encouraged

65. our。考查代词用法。句意见上一句解析。设空处后面为名词性词组Further Resources section,所以应用形容词性物主代词。故填our

3. 2020课标全国卷


China has become the first country to land a spacecraft on the far side of the moon. The unmanned Chang’e-4 probe (探测器)—the name was inspired by an ancient Chinese moon goddess— ___61___ (touch) down last week in the South Pole-Aitken basin. Landing on the moon’s far side is ___62___ (extreme) challenging. Because the moon’s body blocks direct radio communication with a probe, China first had to put a satellite in orbit above the moon in a spot ___63___ it could send signals to the spacecraft and to Earth. The far side of the moon is of particular ___64___(interesting) to scientists because it has a lot of deep craters (环形山), more so ___65___ the familiar near side. Chinese researchers hope to use the instruments onboard Chang’e-4 ___66___ (find) and study areas of the South Pole-Aitken basin. “This really excites scientists,” Carle Pieters, a scientist at Brown University, says, “because it ___67___ (mean) we have the chance to obtain information about how the moon ___68___ (construct). ” Data about the moon’s composition, such as how ___69___ ice and other treasures it contains, could help China decide whether ___70___ (it) plans for a future lunar (月球的) base are practical.


61. touched  62. extremely  63. where  64. interest  65. than  66. to find  67. means  68. is constructed  69. much  70. its  


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