no matter能否直接后跟名词(不用wh-词)

no matter能否后接名词的问题

no matter能否直接后跟名词(不用wh-词)



有网友在本站问及no matter…的省略问题。如下:

I wonder if parents should always tell the truth no matter the consequences.

这个句子的no matter the consequences从句没有动词吧,是省略了吗?如果是,有什么规律吗?

另外,no matter后面为什么没有wh-词呢?也省略了吗?



I wonder if parents should always tell the truth no matter the consequences. I have a very strong fear that the lie we’re telling is doing spiritual damage to our children. Windows and doors have important metaphorical meanings. I’m telling them they can’t open what they absolutely know is a door. What if later in life they come to a metaphorical door, like an opportunity of some sort, and instead of opening the door and taking the opportunity, they just stare at it and wonder, “What if it isn’t a door?” That is, “What if it isn’t a real opportunity?”



关于no matter后面能否接名词,这有一个语言的发展过程问题。


根据传统语法,no matter后面确实是不能否接名词的,许多原版的用法词典都有说明。比如《柯林斯高级英语用法词典》(外研社翻译出版)就认为:一旦 no matter 后跟名词,则改用 in spite of该书还给出了正误例句:


误:No matter the rain, we carried on with the game.

正:In spite of the rain, we carried on with the game.

又如英语版的Longman Dictionary of Common Errors也有类似说明:

× No matter the recession, sales remained high.

In spite of the recession, sales remained high.

No matter is always followed by a wh- clause:

No matter what they did, they couldn’t put the fire out.

No matter how cold it gets, we’ll keep warm somehow.

In front of a noun phrase, use in spite of / despite:

In spite of the temperature outside, we managed to keep warm.


(1)《朗文当代英语大词典》4版和第5版在 matter 词条都有以下这样的说明:no matter how / whether / what etc also no matter the, ... used to say that something is true or that something happens whatever the situation is 不管怎样/是否/什么等:


He visited her every day no matter the weather. 无论天气如何,他每天都去看她。

(2) 更多来自词典的例句


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