realize 可以和problem搭配吗

realize 可以和problem搭配吗?  新译林版《初中英语》八年级下册(中方主编王守仁何锋译林出版社 2013年11月第2版 2018年10月第6次印刷)P9上有这样一句话:Later the government realized the...

realize 可以和problem 搭配吗




新译林版《初中英语》八年级下册(中方主编王守仁何锋译林出版社 201311月第2 201810月第6次印刷)P9上有这样一句话:Later the government realized the problem and took action to improve the situation. 其中的 “realized the problem” 意思是意识到这个问题,此处realize的汉语意思是意识到”, 英语意思是“to understand or become aware of a particular fact or situation” (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (8th edition Oxford University Press 2010电子版) 此时,realize用法如下:

~that  I didn't realize (that) you were so unhappy.

The moment I saw her, I realized something was wrong.

~ how, what, etc… I don't think you realize how important this is to her.

~ (sth)  I hope you realize the seriousness of this crime.

Only later did she realize her mistake.

从以上可以看出,可以说realize sth, 那么realize 可以和problem搭搭吗?




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P1634 realize词条和P11559 problem词条


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二、搭配词典realize词条和 problem词条都没有realize problem搭配的例证:

1. Morton Benson 《朗文实用英语词语搭配词典》(英汉双解)(上海译文出版社 19966月第1版)

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Realize is used with these nouns as the object: ambition, aspiration , asset, danger, dream, enormity, error, expectation, extent, fault, folly, futility, gravity, impact, implication, importance, inadequacy, investment, limitation, magnitude, mistake, nature, potential, predicament, profit, return, saving, scale, seriousness, stupidity, talent, truth, value, vision, worth (笔者注:realize可以后接以上名词作宾语,却不包括problem

Problem 词条:

sth that causes difficulties 讲时:

verb + problem

be, pose, present (sb with), remain

Inadequate resources pose a ~ for all members of staff.

have  develop

He developed a drinking ~.

bring, cause, create, pose

Success brings its own ~s.

Staff shortages cause ~s for the organization.

complicate, compound

be beset with, be confronted by, be confronted with, be dogged by ( esp. BrE ), be faced with, be fraught with, confront, encounter, experience, face, run into, suffer

He has been faced with all sorts of ~s in his new job.

The plan has been fraught with ~s from the start.


an important step in battling the terrorist ~

attribute, blame

the ~s attributed to capitalism

They blame the ~ on the new prescription drug law.


She raised the ~ of falling sales at the last meeting.


He doesn't really see the ~.


acknowledge, admit, recognize

I'm glad you finally admitted your ~.


He doesn't seem to understand my ~.

anticipate, foresee

I don't anticipate any future ~s in that regard.

detect, discover, identify, isolate, pinpoint, spot, indicate, point out

These symptoms may indicate a serious ~.

assess, examine , investigate , study

They created a task force to study this ~.

diagnose, figure out ( esp. AmE ), work outconsider, debate, discuss, look at, look into

describe, frame ( esp. AmE )

Framing the ~ is an important step.

address, approach, attack, combat, come to grips with, counter, get to grips with, grapple with, handle, manage, tackle

The next meeting will address the ~ of obesity.


This illustrates another potential ~.

highlight, underscore ( esp. AmE )

This underscores the biggest ~ with electronic voting.


All the anti-depressant does is mask the ~.

avoid, circumvent, find a way around, find a way round ( esp. BrE ), get around, get round ( esp. BrE ), prevent, sidestep

ignore, overlook

For years I've tried to overlook this ~.


I forgot my ~s for a moment.

clear up, correct, cure, deal with, eliminate, fix ( esp. AmE ), iron out , overcome, rectify, remedy, repair, resolve, settle, solve, sort out, troubleshoot

He had to undergo surgery to cure the ~ with his knee.

alleviate, ease, minimize, mitigate, reduce, relieve, simplify, aggravate, exacerbate, exaggerate, magnify, worsenanalyse/analyze, explore (笔者注:以上这么多动词可以后接problem作宾语,却没有realize

另外,根据《朗文当代高级英语辞典》(英英·英汉双解新版) (外语教学与研究出版社20195月第1版)realizeproblem都属于口语及书面中最基本的1000个单词范围,然而以上所列举的词典都没有realizeproblem搭配的例句,可见不能绝对说realizeproblem不能搭配,但至少是不常搭配。

原译林版《牛津初中英语》(Fun With English8B(译林出版社 200612月第2 200711月第2次印刷)P9有这样的句子:Laterthe government realized it was a very serious problem and took action to reduce the pollution. 显而易见,本句realize后面跟的是省略that的宾语从句,而不是realize 和直接problem搭配,可见当时编者也认为realize problem不常搭配。不知道什么原因,后来改为realize 和直接problem搭配。

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