2 off此处不应是on吗(为何off有on这个意思)

A large number of Englishmen started roaring and eating food off the floor.


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on 着重于“存在”,表示静态的“存在于...之上”, eat the food on the floor相当于eat the food which is on the floor(在吃地上的食物),on the floor作定语。off着重于“分离”,表示动态的“消失于...”,eat the food off the floor相当于pick the food off the floor and eat it(把地上的食物捡起来吃)off the floor作状语。但译成汉语意思差不多,都可以是“捡地上的食物吃”。又例如,既可说He wiped the rest of the blood on his face,也可以说He wiped the rest of blood off his face,意思并无实质性差别,但这不意味着off具有on的意思。从这几个句子可以看出,它们都表示某物从某处消失或分离。此时用off...on...都可能,区别不大。但Put your bag on the desk肯定不能把用其中的on换成off,因为put...on...不具有消失或分离之意。需要具体情况具体分析。

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这里的off 并不是 on 的意思,而是 from的意思。用嘴直接从地上吃东西。off the flooreating的状语,不是food的定语。你读一下原文:这帮英国佬在模仿狮子咆哮、模仿狮子吃食(不用手拿东西吃,而是用嘴直接吃)。

A strange thing happened in London recently. A large number of Englishmen started roaring and eating food off the floor. They were behaving like a pack of lions. No, they weren't going bananas. They were normal people like you and me. But they watched a "therapist" on a daytime TV show. They were convinced by him that roaring is good for you. "Roaring helps people who are uptight to relax," he said. The "therapist" turned out to be a hoaxer. He goes around the world playing tricks on people. It's all for fun. So if you don't want to feel like a fool, watch out! You can't always believe what you see, read or hear.

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