01 北京市

1. Mr. Jackson is a popular writer, and we all like reading ________ books.

A. his                    B. her                     C. their                   D. your

2. Usually I make breakfast for my family ________ Saturdays.

A. at                      B. in                       C. on                      D. to

3. Wash your hands before meals, ________ you may get ill.

A. and                   B. but                     C. or                       D. so

4. —________ you give me a hand? I can’t move the box by myself.

No problem.

A. Could               B. Should              C. Must                  D. Need

5. —________ do you visit your grandparents, Tom?

Twice a month.

A. How much B. How often              C. How long          D. How soon

6. ZhaozhouBridge is one of ________ stone bridges in the world.

A. old                    B. older                  C. oldest                D. the oldest

7. If you take this train, you ________ in Shanghai in five hours.

A. arrive               B. will arrive         C. arrived              D. have arrived

8. I ________ on the computer when Frank called me last night.

A. work                B. will work          C. was working     D. am working

9. We ________ each other since I came to Beijing, but we send emails very often.

A. don’t see B. didn’t see                 C. won’t see          D. haven’t seen

10. —What’s that noise, Sam?

My little brother ________ with his toy car now.

A. will play B. is playing                  C. plays                 D. played

11. The kite ________ in China more than 2000 years ago.

A. invents            B. invented           C. is invented       D. was invented

12. — Do you know ________ ?

At 9:00 tomorrow morning.

A. when the video meeting began

B. when did the video meeting begin

C. when the video meeting will begin

D. when will the video meeting begin


1. A。【解析】考查物主代词。根据空后名词 books, 可知需要填形容词性物主代词;又根据前一句 Mr. Jackson is a popular writer, 可知此处是指“喜欢读他的书”,故选 A。句意:杰克逊先生是个受欢迎的作家,我们都喜欢读他的书。

2. C。【解析】考查介词。句意:通常我在星期六为我的家人做早餐。on Saturdays 在星期六,故选 C

3. C。【解析】考查连词。句意:饭前洗手,否则你可能会生病的。and 而且,but但是,or否则,so 所以。结合句意,“饭前不洗手”是“你可能会生病”的条件,故选 C

4. A。【解析】考查情态动词。句意:——你能帮我一下吗?我自己搬不动这个箱子。——没问题。根据 I can’t move the box by myself可知,我自己搬不动这个箱子,因此请求别人帮助,故选 A

5. B。【解析】考查疑问词辨析。句意:——汤姆,你多久去看一次你的祖父母?——一个月两次。根据答句“Twice a month.”表示的是频率,可知要用 How often 提问。故选 B

6. D。【解析】考查形容词最高级。句意:赵州桥是世界上最古老的石桥之一。old 古老的。old 形容词原级; older 形容词比较级; oldest 形容词最高级; the oldest 形容词最高级前加 the。根据题干中“one of ____ stone bridges in the world”可知此处是指世界上最古老的石桥之一,用“one of the +形容词最高级+名词复数”结构。故选 D

7. B。【解析】考查时态。句意:如果你坐这趟火车,你将在五小时内到达上海。本题是以 if引导的条件状语从句,时态上要符合“主将从现”,所以空格处应用一般将来时will do, 故选B

8. C。【解析】考查过去进行时。句意:弗兰克昨晚打电话给我时,我正在用电脑工作。根据题干中“when Frank called me last night”可知此处表示当某件事情发生的时候,另一件事情正在进行,when 引导的从句用一般过去时,主句用过去进行时。

9. D。【解析】考查时态。句意:自从我来北京,我们就没见过面,但我们经常发电子邮件。根据 since I came to Being 可知,此处用现在完成时,故选 D

10. B。【解析】考查现在进行时。句意:——萨姆,那是什么声音?——我的弟弟现在正在玩他的玩具汽车。根据问句“What’s that noise, Sam?”可知提到的声响是现有的,结合答句中“now”可知是说现在正在进行的动作,用现在进行时。故选 B

11. D。【解析】考查被动语态。句意:风筝是中国在 2000 多年前发明的。题中主语“The kite”与动词 invent 之间是动宾关系,此处用被动语态;结合题干中时间状语“2000 years ago”可知要用一般过去时的被动语态,其结构为 was/were done

12. C。【解析】考查宾语从句的语序。——句意:你知道视频会议什么时候开始吗?——明天上午九点。问句是一个含宾语从句的复合句,宾语从句中从句语序应该为陈述句语序,根据答语“At 9 o’clock tomorrow morning.”可知询问的应该是将来的事,用一般将来时,选项 A 是一般过去时,故选 C


02 天津市

1. Lao She is ________ great writer. He’s especially famous for ________ play Teahouse.

A. an; the             B. a; the                 C. an; a                  D. a; an

2. I bought a present for________. I hope you like ________.

A. your; this B. yours; that               C. you; it               D. you; one

3. This street is much ________ than that one.

A. wide                 B. wider                 C. widest               D. the widest

4. It is going to rain. Take an umbrella ________ you.

A. with                  B. at                        C. in                       D. from

5. Lang Ping is a symbol of courage and success, and we ________ her.

A. come from      B. stand for           C. take pride in     D. get ready for

6. —In China, we use red paper for hongbao because red means good luck.

That’s interesting! I want to know all the Chinese________.

A. traditions B. sentences                 C. notices              D. problems

7. Because people can find information on the Internet, knowledge spreads ________.

A. quickly            B. loudly               C. hardly               D. nearly

8. I ________ be late, so don’t wait for me to start the meeting.

A. mustn’t            B. needn’t             C. need                  D. may

9. I was busy this morning and didn’t have time to ________ my email.

A. waste               B. punish               C. believe              D. check

10. You’d better tidy up your room ________ your father comes back.

A. so                     B. or                       C. before               D. but

11. —The book is popular. ________ you ________ it yet?

Yes, I have.

A. Are; reading    B. Were; reading

C. Have; read      D. Will; read

12. That machine is broken. It ________ tomorrow.

A. repaired           B. was repaired C. will repair            D. will be repaired

13. I’ve just watched a TV programme about space. I hope ________ on the moon one day.

A. walk                 B. walked              C. walking             D. to walk

14. —Do you know ________ to see the Beijing Opera?

Yes, you can go to Mei Lanfang Theatre.

A. where can we go                            B. where we can go

C. when shall we go                           D. when we shall go

15. —Let’s go shopping for some orange juice.

________ And we can also buy some coffee for Mum.

A. Excuse me!     B. Good idea!

C. Never mind.    D. I’m sorry.


1. B。【解析】考查冠词。句意:老舍是一位伟大的作家。他尤其因为话剧《茶馆》而出名。第一空表示泛指“一位”,great 是辅音音素开头的单词,用不定冠词 a。第二空表示特指“话剧《茶馆》”,用定冠词 the。故选 B

2. C。【解析】考查代词辨析。句意:我给你买了一件礼物。希望你喜欢它。根据题干中“I bought a present for ____.”可知此处是说为某人买了个礼物,用人称代词 you再由“I hope you like ____.”可知此处是指上文中提到过的一个礼物,用 it 符合题意。

3. B。【解析】考查比较级。句意:这条街比那条街宽得多。根据句意理解及句中的 than 可知,这里应该用比较级的形式,表示两者之间的比较,故选 B

4. A。【解析】考查介词。句意:要下雨了,你带把伞。根据“Take an umbrella”可知此处表示伴随,用介词 with, 故选 A

5. C。【解析】考查动词短语。句意:郎平是勇气和成功的象征,我们因她而自豪。根据“a symbol of courage and success”可知此处表示“因她而自豪”用 take pride in her。故选 C

6. A。【解析】考查名词辨析。句意:——在中国,我们用红纸做红包,因为红色意味着好运。——很有趣!我想知道所有的中国传统。根据前句句意可知在中国用红纸做红包是一种传统习俗,所以此处应填“传统”,其它选项语意不通。

7. A。【解析】考查副词含义。句意:因为人们能在网上找到信息,所以知识传播很迅速。根据“peoplecan find information on the Internet”可知此处表示“知识传播得很快”用副词 quickly 来修饰动词 spread

8. D。【解析】考查情态动词。句意:我可能要迟到了,因此开始开会吧,不要等我。mustn’t禁止; needn’t 没必要; need 需要; may 可能。根据“so don’t wait for me to start the meeting”可知此处表示不确定推测,用 may 表示“可能”。故选 D

9. D。【解析】考查动词含义。句意:今天早上我很忙,没有时间检查我的邮件。waste 浪费; punish 惩罚; believe 相信; check 检查。根据“my email”可知此处用动词 check表示“检查邮件”。故选 D

10. C。【解析】考查连词含义。句意:你最好在你父亲回来之前清理你房间。此处用 before 引导时间状语从句表示“在你父亲回来之前”,故选 C

11. C。【解析】考查现在完成时。句意:——这本书很受欢迎。你读过了吗?——是,我读过了。根据问句句尾的 yet 及答句“Yes, I have.”可知问句要用现在完成时,故选 C

12. D。【解析】考查一般将来时的被动语态。句意:那台机器坏了。明天将修理它。根据题干可知,主语 it和动词 repair 之间构成逻辑上的动宾关系,应该使用被动语态;再由 tomorrow 可知句子时态应用一般将来时,故答案选 D

13. D。【解析】考查动词不定式。句意:我刚看了一个关于太空的电视节目,我希望有一天我们可以在月球上行走。此处用 to walk 作宾语。

14. B。【解析】考查宾语从句。句意:——你知道我们可以在哪里看京剧吗?——是的,你可以去梅兰芳剧院。根据 Do you know _____,可知考查宾语从句,由答语 you can go to Mei Lanfang Theatre可知此处是问地点的,排除 C D 选项;而且宾语从句应用陈述语序,所以选B

15. B。【解析】考查情景交际。句意:——我们去买些橙汁吧。——好主意!我们也可以给妈妈买些咖啡。根据句意理解及前句的建议 Let’s go shopping for some orange juice.和后面的回答 we can also buy some coffee for Mum.可知选B


03 上海市

27. Kelly’s cheese cakes were sold out within half________hour at the night market.

A. a                       B. an                       C. the                     D. /

28. Mr. Smith always encourages his students to be active________class.

A. in                      B. by                      C. with                   D. from

29. The ancient town has been open to visitors________about ten years.

A. by                     B. for                      C. on                      D. though

30. ________friend Claude from France is keen on Chinese culture.

A. I                        B. Me                     C. My                     D. Mine

31. There________more than two ways to solve this maths problem.

A. am                    B. is                        C. are                     D. be

32. Randy wrote two novels.________ of them were made into films. I’ve seen them.

A. None                B. Both                  C. All                      D. Neither

33.________is in charge of the summer concert?—Jessie.She has a lot of experience.

A. Where              B. Why                  C. What                 D. Who

34. Balanced diets are just as________as regular exercise in our daily life.

A. important        B. more important

C. most important                              D. the most important

35. Emma felt________when her parents were on business trips.

A. sadly                B. angrily

C. unfortunately D. lonely

36. Every year thousands of tourists________the mountain area to relax themselves.

A. visited             B. were visiting

C. visit                  D. have visited

37. Mike________the furniture into his new flat this time yesterday.

A. would move B. was moving        C. has moved        D. had moved

38. The engineers will keep________the project with the manager of the company.

A. discuss            B. discussed          C. discussing        D. to discuss

39. Doctors tell us________our hands before and after every meal.

A. wash                B. washed              C. washing            D. to wash

40. According to the traffic law, children under 12________ride bicycles on the road.

A. won’t               B. wouldn’t           C. needn’t             D. mustn’t

41.Tom, ________here to carry the luggage upstairs for me, will you?—All right.

A. come                B. came                  C. coming              D. to come

42. Which club do you prefer to join, the chess club________the dancing club

A. so                     B. but                     C. or                       D. for

43. Vivian will take her daughter to the amusement park________she gets the tickets.

A. if                       B. until                   C. although           D. unless

44. —________ —It’s a pleasure.

A. Don’t worry about the task.

B. Thank you for showing me around.

C. Be careful when you travel.

D. You’d better go to the dentist’s now.

45. —I think wearing seat belts is very important for road safety. —_________

A. That’s all right.                              B. I’m sorry.

C. That’s a good idea.                        D. I agree.


27. B。【解析】考查冠词用法。句意:凯利的奶酪蛋糕在夜市半小时内就卖完了。a放在以辅音音素开头的单词前;an放在以元音音素开头的单词前;the表示特指;/ 不填。half an hour“半小时”固定搭配。hour是以元音音素/aʊ/开头,用an修饰。故选B。考查不定冠词,不定冠词包括aan, a修饰以辅音音素开头的单词,an修饰以元音音素开头的单词。要积累一些固定搭配,选择合适答案。

28. A。【解析】考查介词辨析。句意:史密斯先生总是鼓励他的学生在课堂上积极主动。in在……里面;by……被;with带有……;from来自……;根据语境可知此处指在课堂上,英语的表达为in class;故选A

29. B。【解析】考查介词的用法。句意:这个古镇已经对游客开放了大约十年。by被;for为了;on在上面;though虽然。根据has been可知是现在完成时,for接时间段,10年是个时间段。故选B

30. C. 【解析】考查形容词性的物主代词。句意:我的法国朋友克劳德很喜欢中国文化。I我,主格;Me我,宾格;My我的,形容词性的物主代词;Mine我的,名词性物主代词。根据题干可知空后有名词friend, 这里用形容词性物主代词my。故选C

31. C。【解析】考查主谓一致。句意:解决这道数学题的方法不止两种。be动词一般现在时的形式amisare;根据there be 句型谓语动词就近原则,more than two ways是复数形式,故选C

32. B。【解析】考查不定代词。句意:Randy 写了两本小说。它们都被拍成了电影,我都看了。None意为“没有一个”;Both意为“两者都”;All意为“全部”;“Neither意为”(两者)没有一个”。根据上文“Randy wrote two novels.”及下文“I’ve seen them.”可知Randy的两本小说都被拍成了电影。故选B

33. D。【解析】考查特殊疑问词。句意:——谁负责夏季音乐会?——杰西。她很有经验。Where在哪里;Why为什么;What什么;Who谁。根据Jessie可知,对人提问用Who, 故选D

34. A。【解析】考查形容词比较等级。句意:在我们的日常生活中,平衡的饮食和有规律的锻炼一样重要。

important原级;more important比较级;most important最高级;the most important最高级;原级比较as...as和……一样,用形容词或副词的原形。故选A

35. D。【解析】考查副词和形容词辨析。句意:当她的父母出差时,艾玛感到很孤独。sadly副词,悲哀地;angrily副词,生气地;unfortunately副词,不幸地;lonely形容词,孤独的、寂寞的。空处的词在连系动词felt之后,应为形容词”“孤独的”,故选D

36. C。【解析】考查动词的时态。句意:每年都有成千上万的游客到山区来放松自己。visited过去式;were visiting过去进行时;visit参观,动词原形;have visited现在完成时。根据Every year“每年”可知,句子用一般现在时态,主语tourists复数,谓语动词用原形visit。故选C

37. B。【解析】考查过去进行时。句意:昨天的这个时候迈克正在把家具搬进他的新居。根据“this time yesterday”,可知句子是过去进行时,结构为was/were+动词的现在分词,主语Mike是第三人称单数。故选B

38. C。【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:工程师们将继续与公司经理讨论这个项目。discuss原形;discussed一般过去式、过去分词;discussing动名词、现在分词;to discuss不定式;keep doing sth 继续做某事,可知此处填动名词;故选C

39. D。【解析】考查动词非谓语的用法。句意:医生告诉我们饭前饭后要洗手.根据句型tell sb to do sth告诉某人做某事,可知不定式to do做宾补。故选D

40. D. 【解析】考查情态动词的用法。句意:根据交通法,12岁以下的儿童不允许在路上骑自行车. won’t不将会;wouldn’t不将会;needn’t不必;mustn’t不允许。根据children under 1212岁以下的儿童”可知,“不允许”在路上骑自行车。用mustn’t。故选D

41. A。【解析】考查祈使句的结构。句意:——汤姆,过来帮我把行李搬到楼上,好吗?——好的。come原形;came过去式;coming动名词;to come动词不定式;根据句子结构,可知省略了主语,是祈使句,用动词原形;故选A

42. C。【解析】考查连词。句意:你喜欢参加哪个俱乐部,象棋俱乐部还是舞蹈俱乐部?


43. A。【解析】考查连词词义辨析。句意:如果薇薇安买到票,她将带女儿去游乐园.


44. B。【解析】考查句意:——谢谢你带我四处参观。——不客气. Don’t worry bout the task 不要担心这个任务;Thank you for showing me around 谢谢你带我四处参观;Be careful when you travel旅行交际英语。时要小心;You’d better go to the dentist’s now你最好现在就去看牙医;根据It’s a pleasure——回应对方的感谢,故选B

45. D。【解析】考查情景交际。句意:——我认为系安全带对道路安全很重要。——我同意。That’s all right. 没关系;I’m sorry.对不起;That’s a good idea.那是个好主意;I agree. 我同意;根据I think wearing seat belts is very important for road safety. 可知对于别人的正确观点应表示赞同。故选D


04 山东济南市

1. —Tony, What’s ________matter with you

I have ________toothache.

A. a; theB. the; aC. /; the                   D. the; /

2. Fred is always ________because he often does something good for his health outdoors.

A. weak                B. nervous             C. serious              D. energetic

3. If you read a lot, your life will be full________pleasure.

A. by                     B. of                       C. for                      D. with

4. Lisa was so careless (粗心的) that she made many spelling ________in her homework.

A. plans                B. decisions          C. grades               D. mistakes

5. A smile costs ________but gives so much.

A. something       B. anything

C. nothing            D. everything

6. You’d better make a good plan________you take a holiday.

A. before              B. during               C. until                   D. after

7. The little boy ________his seat to an old lady on the crowded bus.

A. lent                   B. took                   C. offered              D. brought

8. Students in our school ________know shouting is not allowed in the library.

A. can                   B. may                   C. must                  D. need

9. —It’s too hot today.

Yes. Why don’t you________ your jacket?

A. put on              B. put up

C. take off            D. take after

10. Which of the following signs means “You can’t feed the animals”?

A. B.                      C.                            D.

11. When I walked past the park, I saw some old people ________Chinese Taiji.

A. do                     B. doing                 C. did                     D. are doing

12. Speak aloud, please! I can________hear you.

A. usually            B. almost C. hardly D. nearly

13. — I didn’t see you at the meeting yesterday. Why?

I ________for an important telephone call at that moment.

A. wait                  B. waited               C. am waiting        D. was waiting

14. — I will have a math test tomorrow. —________

A. Good luck!     B. Thank you!

C. Well done!      D. The same to you!

15. Father’s Day is coming. I’m thinking about________.

A. what present I gave him               B. where we had a big meal

C. how I will give him a surprise     D. if I planned a party for him


1. B。【解析】考查冠词的用法。第一个空,what’s the matter with sb. 意为“某人怎么了”,故此处用 the。第二个空,have a toothache 意为“牙痛”,故此处使用 a。故正确答案为B

2. D。【解析】考查形容词。句意:弗雷德总是很有活力,因为他经常在户外做一些对他健康有好处的事。weak虚弱的;nervous紧张的;serious严肃的;energetic精力充沛的。根据“does something good for his health outdoors”做户外健康运动可知此处表示“精力充沛的”,用形容词energetic。故选D

3. B。【解析】固定搭配。句意:如果你读了很多书,你的生活将充满乐趣。be full of充满,故选B

4. D。【解析】考查名词辨析。句意:丽莎太粗心了,在作业中犯了许多拼写错误。A. plans计划;decisions决定,抉择;grades成绩;mistakes错误。根据上文“太粗心”可知“在作业中犯了许多拼写错误”;故选D

5. C。【解析】考查不定代词。句意:一个微笑不值钱,但是包容很多。something:一些东西,anything:任何东西,nothing:没有东西,everything:所有东西,一起。根据语境可知,句子存在转折关系,后半句是肯定的,前半句应表达否定意义,结合选项可知应选C

6. A。考查状语从句的连词用。【解析】句意:在度假之前,你最好好好好计划一下。A.before在···之前;B.during在···期间;C.until直到;D.after在···之后。分析“计划”与“度假”之间的关系知选A

7. C。【解析】考查动词辨析。句意:小男孩在拥挤的公交车上给老太太让座。lent把……借给;took拿走,取走;offered提供;brought带。根据“在拥挤的公交车上”可知此处情景是让座,offer sth. to sb.提供某物给某人。故选C

8. C。【解析】考查情态动词。句意:我们学校的学生必须明白在图书馆大喊是不被允许的。A. can 能,会;B. may 可以;C. must必须;D. need需要。根据shouting is not allowed in the library.是学校的一项规定,所以学生是必须明白,故选C

9. C。【解析】考查短语动词。试题分析:考查动词词组的用法。——今天太热了。——是的,你为什么不脱下你的夹克? A项意思为穿上,B项意思为张贴或举起,C项意思为起飞或脱下,故选C

10. B。【解析】考查对句子的理解能力。句意:下列哪个符号表示“禁止喂食”?考查图片常识。A项,禁止站立。B项,禁止喂食。C项,禁止翻越。D项,禁止开窗。根据题意,题干要求选出“禁止喂食”的标志,B项标志即为此意。故答案选B

11. B。【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:当我走过公园的时候,我看到一些老人正在打太极拳。考查的是see sb. doing sth.表示看见某人正在做某事。当我走过公园的时候,我看到一些老人们正在打太极拳。根据题意,故选B

12. C。【解析】考查副词用法。试题分析:句意:请大声讲话,我几乎不能听到你说话。A. usually 通常;B. almost 几乎;C. hardly几乎不;D. nearly几乎。根据句意这里需要填写半否定词,故选择C

13. D。【解析】考查动词时态。句意:——昨天开会的时候我没看见你。为什么?——那时我正在等一个很重要的电话。根据句子中at that moment可知用过去进行时。故答案选D

14. A。【解析】考查情景交际。句意:——我明天有一个数学测验。——祝你好运!Good luck!祝你好运;Thank you!谢谢;Well done! 做得好;The same to you!你也一样。上文表示“明天有数学测验”,故下文应表示“祝福、祝愿”。故选A

15. C。【解析】考查宾语从句的用法。句意:父亲节就要到了。我在考虑我该怎样给爸爸一个惊喜。不管什么类型的宾语从句,总是用陈述语序,即:从句的连接词后是主语、谓语、宾语的语序,从句的时态要与主句的时态保持一致结合句意,该题第一句Father’s day is coming为父亲节就要来了,为一般将来时。主句I’m thinking about我正考虑,其后宾语从句应选择一般将来时。故选C


05 山东滨州市

1. —Have you ever seen ________ film Ne Zha?

Yes, I have. It tells us ________ different story of Ne Zha.

A. a; an                 B. an; the               C. a; the                 D. the; a

2. —Where did you buy that beautiful hat, from a shop or a supermarket?

________. I am used to shopping online.

A. Neither            B. Either                C. Both                  D. None

3. —I like the number “9” best, because I think it stands for “long lasting”.

Me too. So I choose ________ floor to live on.

A. nine                  B. ninth                  C. the nine             D. the ninth

4. —It’s very important for us to keep ________.

You are right. We should learn how to protect ourselves when we are in trouble.

A. rapid                B. safe                    C. lucky                 D. social

5.Could you tell me why you learn English so well

It’s very simple. ________ you study, ________ grades you will get.

A. The harder; better                         B. The harder; the better

C. Harder; better D. Harder; the better

6. —I think washing hands every day is good________ our health.

Yes, I agree________ you!

A. to; to                B. with ;to             C. for; with            D. at; with

7. —Mum, must I be a teacher like you when I grow up.

No, you needn’t. You can make your own ________.

A. difference       B. discussion        C. discovery         D. decision

8. —I think I am the shyest in my class. What should I do?

Be more active in class, ________ you can improve your ability to express yourself.

A. so that              B. unless                C. or                       D. although

9. —Will you go to Lisa’s housewarming party next Sunday?

Well, if I________I will go on time.

A. invite               B. will invite         C. am invited        D. will be invited

10. —Tom, it smells so terrible here.

Sorry, mum. I will ________ my socks and wash them right away.

A. put off             B. take off             C. turn off             D. cut off

11. —On my way to the bookstore, I saw Mary hanging out with her friends.

It________ be her. She has gone to Beijing.

A. can’t                B. mustn’t             C. might                 D. could

12. —The little boy is only three years old, but he can memorize about 50 poems.

________ talented boy he is!

A. How                 B. How a                C. What a              D. What

13. —Do you know Li Ziqi?

Of course. She is a beautiful girl________ has made many videos to show a traditional Chinese way of life.

A. whose              B. where                C. which                D. who

14. —Mr. Wang, can I go to play football with my classmates as soon as school is over?

________ We have to prepare for the coming Art Festival together.

A. Why not?        B. I hope so.          C. I’m afraid not.  D. Of course.

15. —What will you remember most after leaving junior high school?

I will always remember ________.

A. how my friends and teachers used to help me

B. when did my friends and teachers arrive

C. where could my friends and teachers meet

D. what did the teachers say to me


1. D。【解析】考查冠词的用法。句意:——你看过《哪吒》那部电影吗?——是的,我看过。它给我们讲述了一个不同故事的《哪吒》。a 不定冠词表泛指,用于辅音音素开头的词前;an 不定冠词表泛指,用于元音音素开头的词前;the 定冠词表特指。分析第一处可知,此处特指《哪吒》那部电影,所以用定冠词 the;分析第二处可知,此处泛指讲述了一个不同故事的《哪吒》,different 首字母发辅音,所以用不定冠词 a。故选 D

2. A。【解析】考查不定代词。句意:——你在哪里买的那顶漂亮的帽子,是商店还是超市?——都不是。我习惯在网上购物。Neither两者都不;Either两者之一;Both 两者都;None 三者及以上都不。根据前文“from a shop or a supermarket?”可知,给出两个选项,根据答语“I am used to shopping online.”可知,此处表示两者都不,而是从网上买的。故选 A

3. D。【解析】考查数词用法。序数词前面一般要加定冠词,故选D

4. B。【解析】考查不同形容词的含义。根据语境可知此处应该选B

5. B。【解析】考查特殊句型。考查的是the more, the more句型,意为“越…,就越…”。

6. C。【解析】考查介词辨析。句意:——我认为每天洗手有利于我们的健康。——是的,我同意你的观点。be good to 对……好;be good with 与……相处得好;be good for有利于;be good at擅长;agree to+表示计划,建议的名词,意为同意;agree with sb 同意某人的观点。根据空一后的 our health 可知,此处表示有利于健康,故用 be good for;第二空后宾语 you表示人,表示同意你的观点,所以用短语 agree with。故选 C

7. D。【解析】考查名词辨析。句意:——妈妈,当我长大后必须像你一样做一名老师吗?——不,你不必。你可以做你自己的决定。difference 区别;discussion 讨论;discovery 发现;decision 决定。分析语境可知,此处在讨论长大后做什么,是对未来的决定,此处构成“make one’s own decision”短语,翻译为“做某人自己的决定”。故选 D

8. A。【解析】考查 so that引导的目的状语从句。句意:——我觉得我是班上最害羞的。我该怎么办?——在课堂上更加活跃,以便你就可以提高你表达自己的能力。so that以便,引导目的状语从句;unless 除非,引导条件状语从句;or或者,表并列;although 尽管,引导让步状语从句。分析句子可知,此处表示“在课堂上更加活跃,以便你就可以提高你表达自己的能力”,强调目的,故选 A

9. C。【解析】考查被动语态。句意:——下星期天你会去丽莎的乔迁派对吗?——嗯,如果我被邀请,我会准时去的。invite 邀请,动词原形;will invite 动词一般将来形式;am invited 一般现在时的被动语态;will be invited 一般将来时的被动语态。根据空前主语 I 与选项动词 invite, 结合语境可知,主语 I 和选项动词 invite 之间是被动关系,表示“被邀请”,因此用被动语态;if引导的条件状语从句,遵循主将从现的原则,主句一般将来时,从句一般现在时,因此从句用一般现在时的被动语态,其构成是 am/is/are done, 主语是 I,所以此处用 am invited。故选 C

10. B。【解析】句意:——汤姆,这里的气味好难闻。——对不起,妈妈。我马上脱下袜子洗一洗。考查动词短语辨析。put off推迟;take off脱下;turn off关闭;cut off切断。分析句意可知,前句提及味道难闻,后句回答内容应与解决难闻的气味相关内容,表示“我马上脱下袜子洗一洗”,结合选项,ACD 三项不符合语意,故选 B

11. A。【解析】考查情态动词辨析。句意:——在我去书店的路上,我看见玛丽和她的朋友们在一起。——不可能是她。她去北京了can’t不可能;mustn’t禁止;might可能,表推测;could 能,表能力。分析语意可知,此处表示可能性,根据“She has gone to Beijing.”可知,不可能是玛丽,表否定推测。故选 A

12. C。【解析】考查感叹句。句意:——这个小男孩只有三岁,但他能记住大约 50 首诗。——他真是个有才华的男孩啊!分析句子可知,本句是感叹句,修饰的中心词是可数名词单数 boy, 可用“Whata/an+ adj+可数名词单数(+主语+谓语)!”句型表示;又因为 talented 首字母发辅音,故选C

13. D。【解析】考查定语从句。句意:——你知道李子柒吗?——当然知道,她是一个美丽的女孩,她制作了许多视频来展示中国传统的生活方式。whose 谁的;where 哪里;which 哪一个;who 谁。句中 girl 是先行词,表示“人”,所以使用关系代词 who 引导定语从句,who has made many videos to show a traditional Chinese way of life girl 的定语。故选 D

14. C。【解析】考查情景交际。句意:——王先生,放学后我可以和同学们一起踢足球吗?——恐怕不行,我们得一起为即将到来的艺术节做准备。Why not?为什么不呢? I hope so.我希望如此。I’m afraid not.恐怕不行。Of course.当然。根据答句中“We have to prepare for the coming Art Festival together.”可知,此处使用 I’m afraid not.,表示“恐怕不行,我们得一起为即将到来的艺术节做准备”。故选 C

15. A。【解析】考查宾语从句。句意:——初中毕业后最难忘的是什么?——我将永远记得我的朋友和老师是如何帮助我的。A:我的朋友和老师过去是如何帮助我的,陈述语序;B:我的朋友和老师是什么时候到的,疑问语序;C:我的朋友和老师在哪里见面,疑问语序;D:老师对我说了什么,疑问语序。分析题目可知,此处是用于动词 remember 后的宾语从句,需用陈述语序。故选 A


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