Never mind 的用法

 Never mind 的用法 Never mind 是英语中一个很常用的短语,主要用法有以下几种: 1. 用于对别人道歉的回答。如:“Sorry to have kept you waiting.”“ Never mind. ”“让你久等了,真对不起。”“...


Never mind 的用法


Never mind 是英语中一个很常用的短语,主要用法有以下几种:


1. 用于对别人道歉的回答。如:

“Sorry to have kept you waiting.”“ Never mind. ”“让你久等了,真对不起。”“没有关系。”(赵振才:《英语常见问题解答大词典》增订版第五版p.945)


2. Never mind is used to tell someone not worry about something. (Never mind 用来告诉某人不要担心某事。)用来安慰某人,通常可以翻译为别在意别担心没关系不要紧等。如:

Never mind your mistake: it wasn’t serious. 别在意你的错误:那并不严重。(《韦氏高阶英汉双解词典》p.1325

So you made a little mistake ! Never mind  (about that): it wasn’t serious. 好吧,你犯了个小错误!没关系,它并不严重。(同上)

Do you know where my keys are ? Oh, never mind . Here they are. 你知道我的钥匙在哪儿吗?哦,别担心。在这儿呢。(同上)

“I’m afraid I’ve lost that wallet you gave me.”“Well, never mind. I can easily buy you another one.”“恐怕我把你给我的那个皮夹弄丢了。”“哦,没关系,我再给你买一个就是了。(《剑桥高阶英汉双解词典》p.1464

“We haven’t done very well, have we ?”“Never mind . At least we tried.”“我们做得不太好,是不是?”“没关系,至少我们尝试过了。(《朗文当代高级英语辞典》第6mind词条)

Never mind about the car. You’re safe, and that’s the main thing. 车子不要紧。你们平安无事,这才是最重要的是。(同上)


3. Never mind is used to refer to something that is even less likely or possible than the thing previously mentioned. 表示更不用说。如:

I can barely understand it , never mind [= let alone, much less] explain it. 我对它几乎不了解,更不用说解释了。(《韦氏高阶英汉双解词典》p.1325

Midsummer House is one of the best restaurants in the country , never mind Cambridge. “仲夏客舍是全国最好的饭店之一,更别说是在剑桥了。(《剑桥高阶英汉双解词典》p.1464

Well, you would have hardly got a bed in that room, never mind anything else. 唔,那房间你想放张床都很难,更不用说别的什么了。(《朗文当代高级英语辞典》第6mind词条)


4. 用来委婉地谢绝别人的帮助。如:

“Shall I take an umbrella for you?”“Never mind.”“我给你拿把伞好吗?”“不用了。”(赵振才:《英语常见问题解答大词典》增订版第五版p.945)


5. 表示先不要考虑别管的意思,后面可接名词、代词、动名词或者why / how等引导的句子作宾语。如:

Never mind me - what about you ? What have you been doing ? 别管我了你怎么样?你一直在忙什么?(《朗文当代高级英语辞典》第6mind词条)

Never mind the dishes. — I’ll do them later.  别管这些碗碟一会儿我会洗的。(同上)

Never mind looking at the boys, we’re supposed to be playing tennis. 别只顾着看那些男孩子了,我们是来打网球的。(同上)

Never mind how I got here. Tell me what happened.   别管我是怎么到这儿的,告诉我发生了什么事。(同上)


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