anxious about 和 anxious for 的用法初探

 anxious about 和 anxious for 的用法初探黎反修 (湖北)You are anxious about something . 可以用  anxious about 表示因某事担心:She is anxious about the interview . 她为面试担心。Do...

anxious about anxious for 的用法初探




You are anxious about something 可以用 anxious about 表示因某事担心:

She is anxious about the interview. 她为面试担心。

Dont say 不要说:She is anxious for the interview.

You are anxious for another person (=worried that something bad might have happened to them). 可以用 be anxious for 表示为某人担心:They are anxious for their son.他们为儿子担心。

He was a bit anxious about the safety of the machinery. 他有点担心机器的安全性。

We were anxious for you. 我们为你担心。



我认为,《朗文当代高级英语辞典》第6版关于 anxious about anxious for 的用法说明是错误的。实际上,表示“为......担心”的意思时,anxious about anxious for 的宾语都可以用表示人或者事物的词语。


含有anxious about sth 的例句:

He denied that he was anxious about the outcome of tomorrows vote. 他说自己并不为明天的投票结果感到紧张。(摘自20161月第1 Collins 外研社《新世纪英汉大词典》p.115

The foreign minister admitted he was still anxious about the situation in the country. 外交部长承认他仍对该国局势感到忧虑。(摘自《柯林斯高阶英汉双解学习词典》第8p.73

Shes very anxious about her exams. 她十分担心考试。(摘自《剑桥中阶英汉双解词典》p.41

Im quite anxious about my exams. 我很担心我的考试。(摘自《朗文多功能英汉双解词典》第五版p.55)

We are anxious about the examination. 我们为考试感到焦急。(摘自张道真《初级英语词典》p.35)

People are naturally anxious about these tests. 人们很自然地会为这些考试而发愁。(摘自《麦克米伦高阶英汉双解词典》p.76

He was anxious about her absence. (摘自 A Guide to Correct English by L. A. Hill) 他对她的缺席感到担心。

He is anxious about her safety (at her non-arrival). ( 摘自Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary of Current English by A. S. Hornby , A. P. Cowie, etc. , 1974 )


含有anxious about sb 的例句:

I was quite anxious about George. 我很为乔治担心。 (摘自上海外语教育出版社20071月第1版《外教社柯林斯高级英语用法词典》p.72)

Im becoming very anxious about my son. 我开始为儿子感到忧心忡忡。(摘自《牛津英语搭配词典》第2版英汉双解版 p. 59

Im very anxious about you. 你让我非常焦虑。(摘自20161月第1 Collins 外研社《新世纪英汉大词典》p.115

Im very [ rather , etc. ] anxious about him. (摘自 A Grammar of English Words by H. E. Palmer ,1964) 我非常担心他。

Mother felt anxious about the children who had been gone an hour too long. ( Thorndike -Century Junior Dictionary by Edward Thorndike , 1955)


含有anxious for sth 的例句:

We are extremely anxious for her safety. 我们极为担心她的安全。(摘自《牛津英语搭配词典》第2版英汉双解版 p. 59

He was anxious for news of the money. (摘自Silas Marner Simplified by S. E. Paces) 他对这笔钱的消息感到担心。

Developing countries which are anxious for hard currency can rarely afford to protect the environment. 急于获得硬通货的发展中国家很难顾及环保问题。(摘自《剑桥高阶英汉双解词典》p.85

He is anxious for her safety (at her non-arrival). ( 摘自Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary of Current English by A. S. Hornby , A. P. Cowie, etc. , 1974 )


含有anxious for sb的例句:

They were anxious for their daughter [ =they were worried about what might happen to their daughter. 他们很为女儿担心。 (摘自《韦氏高阶英汉双解词典》p.80)]

Parents are anxious for their children. 父母自然为儿女担心。(摘自《牛津高阶英汉双解词典》第9p.80

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