2 gesticulation指什么

I had run the best end of a mile, I was out of breath, and could not read. Mr. Hinton, to whom I handed the paper, read it with great force and clearness. While he was reading every kind of demonstration and gesticulation was going on. Men squealed, women fainted, dogs barked, white and colored people shook hands, songs were sung, and by this time cannons began to fire at the navy yard, and follow in the wake of the roar that had for some time been going on behind the White House…

曹老师好,请教老师,gesticulation指的是Mr. Hinton 还是其他人和动物(men, women, dogs)?为什么?谢谢老师。

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我理解 every kind of demonstration and gesticulation 指的就是后面描述的那些人和动物的反应。

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