2 Happy they 是什么用法

Happy they, who thus have some little faithful attendant, who never forsakes them, but prepares to wrangle and to praise against every opposer; at once ready to increase their pride while living, and their character when dead. For you and I, my friend, who have no humble admirer thus to attend us, we, who neither are, nor ever will be great men, and who do not much care whether we are great men or no, at least let us strive to be honest men, and to have common sense.

Happy they 是什么用法?谢谢老师。

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最佳答案 2023-11-26 17:07

第一句主句没有谓语动词,我怀疑应该是Happy are they, who...,主语带有很长的定语从句,所以主句采用了完全倒装句。

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