小说《Babbitt》中:He seemed prosperous, extremely married and unromantic; and altogether unromantic appeared this sleeping-porch, which looked on one sizable elm, two respectable grass-plots, a cement driveway, and a corrugated iron garage. Yet Babbitt was again dreaming of the fairy child, a dream more romantic than scarlet pagodas by a silver sea.


1 句首的 Yet 到底是做并列连词还是连接副词?或者两种分析都可以?

2 which非限制性定语从句修饰this sleeping-porch吗?

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1. 倾向于将本句句首的Yet理解为表示转折关系的并列连词。类似于but位于句首时,首字母大写时的使用情形。

当yet作“然而;但是”解时,词典一般把其处理为“conjunction(连词)",也有处理为“conjunct(conjunctive adverb)(连接副词)”的。作连接副词时,大多见于although/though……,yet……或and/but yet场合。例如:

1)Although/Though he is poor,yet he's satisfied with his situation.

2)lt is strange,and yet it is true.

3)l agree with you,but yet l can't consent.

2. 比较赞同你的理解。


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