2 more so than和unless done的问题

1. A survey by Barna research group found the top reason given by Americans for the fake news phenomenon is reader error”,more so than made- up stories or factual mistakes in reporting.

问题1: 请教曹老师,这个more so than 我不会分析,看不懂这是个啥用法,,

2. Merely helping a gift-giver gain access to other officials, unless done with clear intent to pressure those officials, is not corruption , the justices found.

问题2: 请教老师,这个unless 后面省略了it has been 吗?it指代前面那个动名词短语。

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1 mose so than...中的so替代前面的名词reader errormore A than B为择比结构,肯定A,否定B,是A而不是B

2 unless后省略了it isit指代动名词短语表示的动作。

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