2 As so often the case 和up until


1. As so often, the past holds the key to the future.

问题1: 老师,这个as so often是省略了is the case吗?即As so often is the case 是一个比较分句作比较状语,这个比较分句的空位作主语,空位为主语的内容。

2. Up until a few decades ago, our visions of the future were largely though by no means uniformlyglowingly positive.

问题2: 这个up untiluntil有啥区别呢?up是强调until的吗?

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最佳答案 2023-08-30 20:10

1 是的,as so often as is so often the case的省略形式。as分句的主语为空位。

2 up until在此 = up to = until, 意思没有区别。

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