2 as many as , as with的疑问


1This is what the event looks like with as many as 2500 people assembled in one room.

问题1: 请教曹老师,这个句子是您以前解答过的,您说assembled with的宾补;可是我感觉,这个assembled 是修饰第一个as的比较分句的谓语动词。

2A sudden hard stroke or hit, as with the fist or an object.

3Mr lockyer argued that the prospect of having convenient foods delivered with the hour , such as with Ocado’s zoom, could shake up the sector even further.

问题2: 2句和3句的as with 也是一个比较分句的省略吗?以2句为例。

我感觉2as 后省略的比较分句是修饰a sudden stroke or hit 的,比较对应项作主语,省略了is

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1 with as many as 2500 people assembled in one room 这个with复合结构中,as many as是强调2500这个数量多的,这里没有比较分句。这种用法的as...as...结构牛津词典解释如下:

as… as… used to emphasize an amount

As many as 2 million people could be affected.

2 as with the fist or an object中,as为副词,不要按照比较分句分析。牛津词典as作为副词的释义和例句如下:

used to say that something happens in the same way

As always, he said little.

The ‘h’ in honest is silent, as in ‘hour’.

3 such as with Ocado’s zoom 这个结构中,最好把such as分析为补充语的标记词(marker),表示后面是对对with the hour的补充说明。

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