3 recover food 是什么意思(重点是recover的理解)

If that’s hard to understand, let’s keep it as simple as the arugula at the back of my refrigerator. Mike Curtin sees my arugula story all the time — but for him, it’s more like 12 boxes of donated strawberries nearing their last days. Curtin is CEO of DC Central Kitchen in Washington, D.C., which recovers foodand turns it into healthy meals. Last year it recovered more than 807,500 pounds of food by taking donations and collecting blemished (有瑕疵的) produce that otherwise would have rotted in fields. And the strawberries? Volunteers will wash, cut, and freeze or dry them for use in meals down the road.

我在前面提了一个问题,引用了上面这段材料(2022年新高考全国卷1阅读B),但仔细看还有一个问题:文中的 recover food 怎么理解理解啊?重点是不理解 recover 的意思,我查了一下词典,recover 的用法如下,但没有一条套得上文中 recover 的用法:


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此处的recover就是“回收(get it back)”的含义




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Cur tin is CEO of DC Central Kitchen in Washington, D.C., which recovers food and turns it into healthy meals. 

参考译文:柯廷是华盛顿特区中央厨房的首席执行官,它可以回收食物并将其转化为健康的膳食。(recover 为及物动词,意思“收回/回收”

备注:which recovers food and turns it into healthy meals. 为非限制性定语从句修饰名词DC Central Kitchen关系代词which代替先行词DC Central Kitchen并在非限制性定语从句作主语成分。

recover  vt.重新找到;重新拿回;收回;回收

More ammonium sulphate solution is being recovered in the process of distilling oil shale.


The police eventually recovered the stolen paintings.警方最终追回了失窃的油画。

Six bodies were recovered from the wreckage.从残骸中找到了六具尸体。

Police raided five houses in south-east London and recovered stolen goods。


Rescue teams recovered more bodies from the rubble.  救援队从瓦砾中挖出了更多尸体。

We recovered our invested money in the first year.我们第一年就把投资收回了。

We must recover our losses somehow.我们必须设法挽回损失。

We must recover the money.They have no right to charge it.这笔钱我们得要回来,他们无权收这笔费用。

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