2 Not only...的省略问题(求曹老师回答)

1.Not only is the amount in excess of the maximum sum the bank can loan any individual legally, but it is absolutely without endorsement or security.问题不仅在于数目超过了银行发放私人贷款的最高限额,而且既无担保,又无抵押。(出自欧亨利小说A CALL LOAN

2.Not only is the increasing age, and friendship and health.


为什么这两个句子的前半句都没有主语?not only is后面就直接接了个名词词组,是省略了吗?

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1 The amount is not only in excess of...。句子的主语是the amountin excess of...为介词短语作表语。not only移至句首,is 倒装于主语the amount之前。你怎么能说这里没有主语呢?

2 你的这个句子是不完整的。你给出原位或链接,我看看上下文。

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