2 whether...or...充当并列连词的功能

Even in houses where there's enough space for everyone to sleep in their own bedrooms, children often share, whether because an adult has decided to free up additional rooms for guests, or siblings have said that they would prefer to be together.


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whether 可改为either也可以解释为whether后省略了it is, it指代主句内容,谓语动词为be,主语和be同时省略。

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这里涉及平行结构问题。比较规范的写法是whether...or...两个部分平行对等,即在问题句的or后加上because. 请看国外语法网站的解释:

Errors in parallel structure often occur with correlative conjunctions: either …or; neither …nor; both …and; not only …but also; whether …or. The sentence structure following the second half of the correlative conjunction should mirror the sentence structure following the first half.



A new machine may be invented which is cheaper than the existing machine ever was, whether because it is cheaper to build and install, or because it requires a smaller input of labour or materials per unit of output.

但是现代英语,特别是美国英语,人们喜欢语言简练,很多人为避免重复,会省略后面的because, 因此,你的句子也不能算错。如果死扣语法规则,就算不规范。

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