3 it's been a time for doing sth, have been a time for doing sth 完成时态用法疑问

In this recorded conversation with a friend, Alison Willson described her reactions to the news that she was going to die of cancer. The conversation took place five months before her death.

just before I left the hospital, I came across two young women in their thirties, both with small children and both with cancer. I thought, well, what am I worrying about, because my children are grown up and independent. If I can get this right for myself and make some sort of peace with it, then the people who love me will also accept it and this needn't be too bad a time.

other people come to it cold, whereas I've been doing my homework on it for the last two years. I've got used to the idea and have come to the point of acceptance gradually. The other thing is that they're feeling well and vigorous, with lots of things they're in the middle of doing. But I am actually getting very tired and don't feel very well.

The fact that I can't drive my car and am generally having to cut down my activities isn't as bad for me as they think it is. I try to get this through to people, and it seems to release their anxiety a bit. My friends are beginning to accept what is happening and come along with me.

It's been a time for thinking about relationships and sorting out those which weren't very satisfactory. Also, to a large extent, the pressure is off and you're going to die, you don't really have to do much. It's rather a relief if you're not feeling well. I've been very happy these last six months.

请教各位老师,如何理解It's been a time 这里用完成时态

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首先你要知道这里的a time指的是一段时间,根据文章最后一句话,基本可以判断应该大约半年的时间,所以,用了现在完成时It's been a time. 和文章最后一句时态也是一致的。另外,要注意这和It's time for ... 完全是两回事,这里time 前不用冠词。

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