3 throughout history中间为什么不用定冠词

Reading Art: Art for Book Lovers is a celebration of an everyday object — the book, represented here in almost three hundred artworks from museums around the world. The image of the reader appears throughout history, in art made long before books as we now know them came into being. In artists’ representations of books and reading, we see moments of shared humanity that go beyond culture and time.

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请问 throughout history 中间为什么不用定冠词说成 throughout the history?

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throughout history中间是否使用定冠词,取决于其用法与所要表达的含义:

1. throughout history 的用法:

throughout history 的意思是“在历史上”,表示笼统意思,即笼统地指“在历史上”,此时通常不用定冠词。又如:

Throughout history, most societies have been governed by men. 纵观历史,大多数社会是由男性统治的。

Throughout history empires have waxed and waned. 历史上各个帝国革故鼎新均有兴衰。

Many people throughout history have dreamt of a world without war. 历史上很多人梦想过没有战争的世界。

Throughout history, wars have been fought over religion. 在整个人类历史上,因宗教信仰不同发生了很多战争。

2. throughout the history 的用法:如果是特指某段历史(比如后接of-短语),则要添加定冠词。如:

We have seen the same pattern throughout the history of mankind. 我们在人类的历史长河中目睹过相同的模式。

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