3 around the world 与 in the world 有什么区别

Reading Art: Art for Book Lovers is a celebration of an everyday object — the book, represented here in almost three hundred artworks from museums around the world. The image of the reader appears throughout history, in art made long before books as we now know them came into being. In artists’ representations of books and reading, we see moments of shared humanity that go beyond culture and time.


请问around the worldin the world有什么区别?

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around the world in the world 的区别,就是介词 around(在……四处)与 in(在……里面)的区别:

around the world 的意思是世界各地”“环绕全球,相当于全世界。如:

The Games were watched by millions of people around the world. 全世界几百万人观看了这场运动会。

We’ve had messages of support from all around the world. 我们收到了世界各地表示支持的信件。

in the world 的意思是(在)世界上。如:

There are many different systems of thought in the world. 世界上有许多不同的思想体系。

Diamonds are the hardest known substance in the world. 钻石是世界上已知的最坚硬的物质。

有时同样的句子 around the world in the world 都可以用,但侧重点仍有细微区别(前者侧重范围,后者侧重地点):

He’s the richest man around the world. 他是全世界最富有的人。

He’s the richest man in the world. 他是世界上最富有的人。

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