5 our own among the rest 怎么理解

Anthropology was by definition impossible, as long as these distinctions between ourselves and the primitive, ourselves and the barbarian, ourselves and the pagan, held sway over people's minds. It was necessary first to arrive at that degree of sophistication where we no longer set our own belief against our neighbour's superstition. It was necessary to recognize that these institutions which are based on the same premises, let us say the supernatural, must be considered together, our own among the rest.


想请教各位老师的是最后的“our own among the rest”该怎么理解?尤其是“the rest”怎么解释?

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从句主干为 these institutions ... must be considered together, our own among the rest。

our own和the rest说的都是前面的institutions,即our own institutions among other institutions,对应considered together——institutions这里是惯例、习俗等一类意思。

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