3 come是及物动词吗(比如there came a turning point)

Fortunately, as I grew older, there came a turning point.


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你的句子 come 仍是不及物动词,这可以看作倒装句,你也可以比较 there be句式(比较:there was a turning point)。


There came a decided drop in prices. 物价出现了明显的下降。

There came a knock at the door. 传来了敲门的声音。

There came a sudden rush of water out of the hole. 从洞里猛地冒出一股水来。

There came a ripple of laughter from the crowd at the speaker’s little joke. 听到演讲者的小笑话时,人群中传出轻轻一阵笑声。 

There came an explosion, not so much a bang as a shaking like an earthquake. 发生了一次爆炸,没听到一声轰然巨响,倒像是地震那样地面猛晃了晃。

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