2 hire 和hiring

Imagine the scene. You’re sitting in the hot sunshine beside the swimming pool of your international luxury hotel, drinking your imported gin and tonic. In front of you is the beach, reserved for hotel guests with motor boats for hire. Behind you is an 18-hole golf course, which was cleared from the native forest and is kept green by hundreds of water sprinklers. Around the hotel are familiar international restaurant chains and the same shops that you have them at home. You’ve seen some local people—some of them sell local handicrafts outside the hotel. You bought a small wooden statue and after arguing for half an hour you paid only a quarter of what the man was asking. Really cheap!



1.1)    hire 可以用hiring吗?for后面通常是动名词?其次2除了用hire可否用rent?二者有何区别?

2.        You have them at home 中的them 可否去掉?

3.        最后一句what是融合性关系代词,what the man was asking = the price which the man was asking.对吗?



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1 for hire是习语,所以不用动名词,用for rent 也是可以的。例如《韦氏高阶》

for hire

a : available to be used in exchange for money

They have boats (available) for hire. [=for rent]

2 the same shops that you have them at home. 这里them必须删去。that为关系代词在定语从句中作have的宾语,them是多余的,为语法错误。

3 你理解正确,what为融合型关系代词,引导名词性关系分句。

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